Evening Reflection 7/28

Going more in depth about my journey and thoughts reading the book of John. Also sharing how changes in the plans we make are an opportunity for God’s work and to embrace His plan ❤

Morning Reflection 7/28

Short and sweet this morning! Really committing today to open my eyes to the evidence that is all around us!

I’d be down to share some yoga inspo and favorite positions if you’re interested? lmk ❤

Evening Reflection 7/27

I am reflecting on the book of John this evening, which I finished reading today! I was also interrupted mid-writing this post by a powerful phone call ❤

Why Christians Should Be Vegan

In this post, I am exploring the Bible and vegan ethics in the hopes that we may all become more compassionate followers of God. I encourage you to read with an open-mind ❤

Morning Reflection 7/27

Happy Thursday! In today’s morning reflection, I talk about some struggles and doubts I have been having. I also talk about a health blog series that is coming up! Enjoy 🙂

Evening Reflection 7/26

In this evening reflection, I touch on the unobtainable struggle that is perfection and the beauty of children.

Evening Reflection 7/24-25

I have been reading the book of John this week. There’s a verse that really spoke to me. Hopefully it touches your life in some way too!

Morning Reflection 7/24-26

I’ve decided to start sharing my morning and evening reflection journals! It is super important to take a step back and ground yourself in who you are and what you are working towards. Hopefully being this open and honest will inspire you 🙂


Coming at you with an all you need to know Bonnaroo insider look!! From security, food (vegan), venue, weather, outfits, packing must haves, tips and tricks I’ve got you covered! I’ve also included a bunch of pics from some of my favorite memories of this trip!

“Forgive and you will be forgiven.” -Luke 6:37

Last night my heart sank. I heard some of the worst words. I asked Jesus for his grace, strength and protection. He gave me a friend, comfort and kept my brain occupied. But, the image continued to haunt me and questions taunted me. So, He gave me healing and peace through His Word. My verse…