How to STOP BINGE eating!

Some tips and tricks that have helped me end my bad relationship with food. Food is fuel not comfort or the enemy ❤

God honors ‘REST’

Talking all about the importance of ‘rest’. Even God rested! We must not only take time to fuel our bodies, but honor the sabbath by calming our hearts and praising the Lord. ❤

Why does GOD allow bad things to happen?

With evil and sin looming all around us, such as the current KKK riot in Charlottsville, VA, it is easy to ask, “Why does God allow bad things to happen?” In this post, I will answer that question ❤

Daily Reflection 8/14

Jesus has gifted us with tangable evidence of His love, existence and power. His word never fails to speak to me and answer any questions or doubts I may have ❤ His love is truly magical.


Sharing some exciting news about where God has called me to be in this next season of life!! Please help make this dream a reality ❤

Evening Reflection 8/6

Had a very eye-opening service this morning!! Sharing some powerful messages and liberating answers ❤

Morning Reflection 8/2

Paying remembrance to my goofy pup, Lexi ❤ which is also why I've been a little MIA. Sharing some questions I have about God's intentions in creating a physical world as well.